Welcome to Build+

Whether you’re planning a minor build project on your own property or you run a building company, this property portal is here to make your life easier. 

Lots of minor projects like fences, retaining walls and decks may not require Council input. Anyone from a homeowner looking to do some work on their own property to a landscape architect sitting down with a customer, we can give you some guidance on whether you need a building consent. Builders and designers can take advantage of our Know the Property tool. If you search for a property on the map, it will show you many of the potential hazards and land attributes you need to be aware of when you’re designing and building. 
The map is especially handy for designers when they’re drawing up plans or with clients looking at the restraints of the site. If you make sure your plans take the land’s features into consideration, it’s less likely that we’ll have to come back to you and request more information before potentially raising costly design challenges - for example you will know not to build over a drain. Every time we have to request more information, consent processing stops until you get back to us – so you can save considerable time by designing around these factors up front.

Build+ screen layout

If you have any questions, visit our FAQs. For regulatory information, see the Tauranga City Council main website.

Last Reviewed: 29/11/2017